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Permanently Installed Controllers H2O Rx supplies permanently installed controllers for chemical control and monitoring for the following:.

We follow a simple procedure:

We also supply the following controllers designed specifically for purpose:

H2O Rx does not represent a specific brand of controller. This allows us the flexibility to use our experience to select the best controller for your application.

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pH Controllers      
Simple pH Controller Operation Manual 1 MB PPH-1 Manual PPH-1 Manual
Advanced pH Controller Operation Manual 2 MB DPH-64 Manual DPH-64 Manual
ORP Controllers      
Simple ORP Controller Operation Manual 1 MB PMV-1 Manual PMV-1 Manual
Combined pH and ORP      
Combined pH and ORP Operation Manual 2 MB DPH-4 Manual DPH-4 Manual
Conductivity Controllers      
Simple Conductivity Controller Operation Manual 800 KB BCH-1 Manual BCH-1 Manual
Advanced Conductivity and Temperature Controller Operation Manual 2 MB DCH-2 Manual DCH-2 Manual
Special Purpose Controllers      
Cooling Tower Controller Operation Manual 1 MB CTH-2 6T Manual CTH-2 6T Manual
CTH-2 6T Menu tree diagram 50 KB Cooling_New Cooling_New
Convert an old CTH-1 Controller to a CTH-2 6T 400 KB CTH-2_Panel CTH-2_Panel
Convert an old CTH-3 Controller to a CTH-2 6T 200 KB CTH-2CV CTH-2CV
Hand Held Meters      
SMH-2 - Operation Manual 600 KB SMH-2 Manual SMH-2 Manual
Series 1152 - Very Low Conductivity Meter - Operation Manual 600 KB 1152-OP 1152-OP
4-20 mA output option for CTH-2 Controllers 300 KB CTH2_420MA CTH2_420MA
High Temperature probe option for Conductivity Controllers 200 KB HIGHTEMP HIGHTEMP
A simple conductivity calibration and test plug 200 KB TESTPLUG TESTPLUG
Trouble shooting assistance where electrical current in un-earthed piping systems affects controllers 500 KB LOOP_PROBLEMS LOOP_PROBLEMS

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2017