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Hand Held Instruments H2O Rx distributes the pHionlab range of hand held instruments and process measurement tools.

The pHionlab range are handy water/ion chemical quality instrument - designed for use in almost any operating environment.

They are accurate and efficient yet economical

A must-have essential tool for all who need to be able to quickly and accurately measure common water quality parameters.

These waterproof intelligent palm-sized meters are equipped with many intuitive features like automatic calibration, self diagnostic and a resettable memory. This all combines to make pHionlab meters a distinctive class above the rest.

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Function \ Model PH-10 EC-10 DO-10 PC-10 PCD-10
pH Y     Y Y
mV Y     Y Y
ORP Y     Y Y
Conductivity   Y   Y Y
TDS   Y   Y Y
Salinity   Y   Y Y
Resistivity   Y   Y Y
Dissolved Oxygen     Y   Y
Concentration / Saturation     Y   Y
Temperature Y Y Y Y Y
Brochure PH-10 Brochure EC-10 Brochure DO-10 Brochure PC-10 Brochure PCD-10 Brochure
Manual PH-10 Manual EC-10 Manual DO-10 Manual PC-10 Manual PCD-10 Manual


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Last Updated: 30 March, 2014